End-to-End Automated Marketing Implementation

Only adZU allows you to manage your marketing from plan to production to delivery. Each step is automated and simple-to-use, giving you and your team the time to focus on optimising your strategy.

From Asset Management to Automated Production

adZU lets you store templates, images and content so you can inspire your users to find & use relevant marketing materials. Then adZU empowers your team to build their own versions. adZU makes sure each one is brand, legal and product compliant.

All Media. All Markets. One System.

Only adZU supports press, digital display, e-mail, web, direct mail, outdoor and social. Your customers access a huge range of paid, owned & earned media-your brand should be properly represented in all.   Use adZU to manage campaign localisation in all your markets.

More Efficient and More Effective Marketing.

adZU vastly simplifies your marketing implementation workflow, generating huge time and cost savings. But it also gives you visibility, of all of your marketing activity in all of your offices. And we link this to sales and response data so you can immediately see how your marketing spend is performing. And respond in real time to do more of what’s working.

Reduce costs. Improve investment.

4 ways in which adZU saves you money (hint-our clients use the cost savings to invest in more effective marketing).

Intelligence, Insight and Optimisation.

adZU gives you the tools to respond faster than your competitors. adZU turns all your marketing into data and reports on it. So you can analyse each office’s performance and see real time data on marketing activity. We link to our client’s sales data so we can report on the effectiveness of marketing investment.

Advanced Financial Management

Budget management

Make sure all your marketing budget is being spent in line with strategic goals.

Co-Op Budget Control

Each franchise/local office has an account to manage their Co-Op marketing activity. Eliminate the admin of Co-Op budget claims.

Integrated Billing

adZU automates invoicing for media and production costs and the re-charging of your network.

Integrate all your marketing processes and partners

Your marketing network is a social network. adZU is used by marketing departments in Global Fortune 500 businesses worldwide as the central HUB for all marketing activities.

Compliance. Right First Time, Every Time.

adZU ensures every marketing material you produce is correct.

Streamlined admin

Our full admin site allows central marketing and its agencies to control all elements of the application -content, access, approvals, reporting, etc. -including the parameters for local customisations. The result is unprecedented control over their brand and marketing.

Fast-track templating

adZU is deeply integrated with Adobe Creative Suite. We empower creative agencies to build and manage their own templates in InDesign and Flash. This ensures quality, speed and reduces cost.

Modular. Proven. Future proof.

adZU is a well-established product, in use with some of the world’s biggest brands. It delivers hundreds of thousands of campaigns every year. It is a product of Code, one of the industry’s best known marketing technology businesses and a subsidiary of Omnicom Group. But every client is different and so adZU is customised to meet their needs. Clients can choose different modules adding new ones over time. Clients can customise the application -from a simple look and feel change, to a deep integration into their existing technology set-up.