Through the SaaS software adZU provides, we help our clients achieve objectives of changing the way their marketing is done. Here are some of the common, and less common, challenges we have helped them solve.

  • I want to reduce cost
  • I manage a global brand. I want it to feel local
  • I want to respond faster
  • I want my marketing spend to be more effective
  • I want a one-stop shop
  • I want to make more use of digital (and integrate it)
  • I want to spend less time on admin
  • I want to train and inspire my retailers/local offices
Here are some of the ways that adZU helps to reduce cost:

  1. Eliminate artworking and production costs
  2. Streamline approval and admin processes
  3. Cut back the work associated with managing budgeting, billings and reporting.
  4. Stop each office duplicating work already done.
  5. Move marketing spend from wasteful, ineffective and untraceable marketing to more effective channels.
Within adZU, you can load in your centrally approved templates in all media. The application will then version them for you to be relevant to the local market, incorporating local languages, offers, retailers, legals etc.Each version is built to be relevant to the local audience but only takes seconds to create.

You empower your local offices to manage all their marketing through adZU, giving them access to first-class marketing content which they can customise, whilst you maintain central control and visibility.

adZU truly enables agile marketing.It allows you to produce hundreds of ads in press, digital, social, e-mail, POS etc in minutes with no human intervention.

adZU gives you a real time view of your brand’s activity – which we can map to your sales and responses so you can see what is working, what’s not – and be able to change your activity on-the-fly.

  1. Step 1: adZU organises all your marketing activity into a plan which you can track in real time.
  2. Step 2: We link spend to performance, whether sales or response data so you can see what’s working.
  3. Step 3: In a click, you can up-date campaigns and re-assign spend to do more of what’s working.
adZU is “end-to-end”.

By that, we mean it will:

  1. Create and manage marketing plans
  2. Plan & buy media
  3. Be your asset management and workflow tool
  4. Create press, TV, E-mail, digital display, social, DM, POS, Outdoor
  5. Integrate with your printers
  6. Integrate with media endpoints
  7. Act as a shopping basket for merchandise
  8. Provide instant, granular reports on all activity
  9. Automate your billings processes
  10. Integrate with your existing technology assets
adZU has helped many client migrate from a media mix dominated by traditional media to one making effective use of digital, especially at the local level.

Here is how:

  1. Creating on-line communications is as easy as off-line. It doesn’t matter if you are new to digital, we make it simple
  2. We can geo-target banner ads and social. Your ad will only be seen by the people in your territory who it is relevant to.
  3. adZU is integrated with key digital media providers including Facebook and Google Display Network.
  4. We map the performance of your on-line work and show it back to you. Typically this outperforms traditional, driving more users to digital.
  1. Less time on approvals
  2. Less time producing ads
  3. Less time trying to create reports
  4. Less time communicating strategy and hoping offices are listening
  5. Less time managing legal compliance
  6. Less time producing small artwork amends
  7. Less time resolving budget queries
  8. Less time on the phone to local offices
  9. Less time getting agencies to work together effectively
  10. MORE TIME to focus on improving marketing
adZU has a proven track record in building effective marketing organisations:

  1. We treat your local office network like a social network. We encourage feedback and participation with the brand to win hearts and minds, not just compliance.
  2. We are leaders in using Game Mechanics to incentivise and inspire local users to try out best practice techniques & strategies.
  3. We make adZU a pleasure to use. In seconds, you can be creating your own campaigns.
  4. We analyse usage patterns and continuously optimise the site.