It’s time to upgrade your marketing.

adZU is the industry’s leading marketing automation platform.

In one application, adZU gives you complete control to plan and implement campaigns in press, digital display, E-mail, outdoor, DM and social.

adZU is a well-established product, in use with some of the world’s biggest brands. It delivers hundreds of thousands of campaigns each year.

Simple. Fast. Cost Effective.

adZU makes complex marketing tasks simple. You can build and manage hundreds of campaigns, in multiple locations in a few minutes.

adZU saves you time and money. It’s the bridge between strategy & execution. It allows you to do more marketing, more effectively in more channels without needing more people.

Typical clients see  60% cost savings within days of switching to adZU.

Gartner announces adZU as “Visionary”

It is Visionary for its focus on the end-to-end process for planning, managing, executing and measuring creative advertising and promotions. Consider Code if your company is focused on automating the creative advertising and branding process